Body shop work

Choosing A Quality Body Shop

Choosing a body repair shop to make a much needed repair can be a very difficult and complicated process.  There are many factors that go into this decision and going over them will help you come to the right conclusion.  Just like any other service there are going to be good companies and bad companies.  We will go over some things to look for regarding body shop work.

Licensed & Insured

This is probably the most important part of the process you are undertaking.  Make sure the company you work with is in full compliance with the applicable state laws.  Proper licensing with the state will be a good first indicator that the shop is committed to compliance.  Shops have been known to over charge customers and use replacement parts they bill as new but in fact have come off another vehicle.  Nobody is perfect.  That is what insurance is for when it comes to service companies.  When accidents happen being able to file a claim against an insurance policy is a much better option for both you and the shop.  It will give the best chance to make you whole again.

Free Quotes & Financing/Insurance Work

You shouldn’t pay for a body repair quote or a paint quote.  Any reputable shop will take a look and give you a good faith estimate.  Part of this process is the assumption that the quote you get is being given in good faith and isn’t a bait and switch to get you in the door with a low estimate and a high final price.  You can check various review sites like Yelp, Angies List, and Google Business Listings to check if customers have had this issue with a shop you are looking at.  This is one of the most common complaints in the service industry (not just body shop repair but all services) and if they are in the habit of producing quotes this way then they will likely be outed on various review sites.  Most shops will work with insurance companies but it is still a good idea to make sure they will work with your particular insurance.  Most shops will handle all the leg work on this to make it easy on the customer, but a 2nd check with your insurance agent (or help line) can put to rest a lot of stress and a huge potential mess if the work is done and you are surprised with a bill that your insurance company won’t cover.  For work that isn’t in regards to an accident you may be looking for financing.  This is not nearly as common but is possible.  Some places will offer reasonable financing terms based on a quick credit check, so if your credit score is reasonably good this may be an option for you to consider when it comes to side projects outside the scope of insurance.  If you have a poor credit score.  You may want to consider reaching out to a credit repair company to help remove bad information like Radius Global Solutions and repair your credit score and place yourself in the position to secure financing.

Body shop work getting started

Making this particular decision isn’t usually a happy one to make.  Often times you were in a car accident and your life is being turned upside down.  Be calm about the process and look through your options in a methodical manner to find the company that works best for you.